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North Carolina Credit Repair

North Carolina Credit Repair


North Carolina Credit Repair’s “Credit Blitz” accomplishes more in 30 days than most credit repair companies do in several months.

Many credit repair companies limit the number of letters they send out monthly. They will tell you that this is the most effective way to repair your credit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about it. If you pull your credit reports and you believe some of the information may be inaccurate or unverifiable, why would you only question a portion of it? You would want to make sure all of the information reporting should actually be reporting on your credit report. These companies limit the work they do for you so they can slow down your credit repair process and bill you longer. The worst part is that their most of their clients have no idea this is going on.


North Carolina Credit Repair’s “Credit Blitz” audits all negative information reporting on all three credit reports, on the very first round. We work on all 3 reports. if your goal is to buy a home, most lender’s will look at all 3.  Generally within 24 hours of your enrollment, we will have your first round sent out. If you have 18 negative accounts, instead of it taking 3 months to address the first round, we do it all within a day or so of you enrolling in our program. Talk about speeding up your credit repair process. Our “Credit Blitz” does just that. Then as your results come in and you forward them to us, we will continue to attack all of the remaining information as long as you are a client. It’s not uncommon for us to send out over 10 letters per account if it isn’t removed quickly. Here’s a look at our tracking software showing the number of letters sent out for each account. Some accounts require more work than others. Checkout the number of correspondence sent. One account had 6. Another had 13.  The last two had 18 and 36 letters sent out.



Our processing team is thorough. Our clients know we are working hard for them.

But that’s just one aspect of how North Carolina Credit Repair is different than other companies. Our process is very detailed. Most companies will use the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and dispute information with the credit reporting agencies. They do this in hopes that creditors and collection agencies will not respond in time and the information will be removed. This is an ineffective approach to credit repair. If the information is verified, you are limited in how to approach the next round. Also when using this approach, the likelihood of the information showing back up on your report is much higher.

We request the specific requirements for each type of account to be reported legally. If the creditor or collection agency doesn’t have it or can’t produce it, it has to be removed from your credit report. If it’s a medical collection, we’ll use the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. If we’re auditing a foreclosure we may use the Real Estate Servicing Procedures Act (RESPA). If it’s a collection here in North Carolina, we may use the North Carolina Consumer Protection Act of 2009  and so on. You can see how using specific requirements to fight on your behalf is much more effective than saying something isn’t yours and hoping it comes off.

The next area that separates us from other companies the most important! It’s building credit or re establishing credit.  If you skip this step, you will most likely never qualify for a home loan. The crazy thing is most companies do not show their clients how to do this the right way. We get clients that have been enrolled with other companies on a pretty regular basis. We always see if they have started building credit the right way. Over 90% of them tell us that the company they were with didn’t tell them they needed to or offer to show them how to do it. here’s the kicker…’s really easy to do!



When you enroll with us, you will begin to receive a series of emails called credit education. These emails are designed to walk you through the process of rebuilding credit the right way. Step by step. We’ll even show you where to go to open your first account so you don’t have to worry about being denied. Our “Credit Education” series will also teach you exactly how your credit score is calculated and we share tips to help you continue to look for opportunities to increase your credit score. Even after you have purchased your home or car.

So let’s recap how North Carolina Credit Repair is different and what to expect when working with our team.


Within a couple days of enrolling, every negative account will be audited and you will start receiving our “Credit Education” email series. The faster you take action, the faster you will see great increases in your credit score.

Within 30 – 45 days, you will start receiving responses to the requests we sent out. Some may say the information was “deleted“. If so, great! We are finished with that account on that report. Another response may be “verified” or “no change”. This doesn’t mean the information won’t be deleted. It means we have to dig a little deeper to see if it’s reporting according the state and federal requirements. Sometimes this happens quickly. Sometimes it takes several rounds. We continue this process as long as you are enrolled in our program or until your credit file is completely accurate and verifiable.

If you took action and started rebuilding credit quickly, by the time you get through round two (usually 60 days), you should see a nice increase in your credit score. The sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll reach your credit goals.

Life really is easier when you have good credit. North Carolina Credit Repair can help you reach your credit goals! We can’t wait to hear your credit success story!