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How To Fix Your Credit

How To Fix My Credit

Learning How Credit Works And How To Fix Your Credit

60% of Americans and have some type of bad credit reporting on their credit. If you’re like them, you may be wondering ” how to fix my credit and increase my credit score?” The answer is yes, but probably not exactly how you would think.

Most everyone knows you can dispute information on your credit report and if the creditor doesn’t respond fast enough, the information has to be deleted. That’s the most ineffective, unethical way to try to fix your credit. If you dispute information as not belonging to you and the credit bureau says it does, what’s the next step? That’s a one trick pony.

The most effective way to fix your bad credit and increase your credit score is to use the state and federal laws that were passed to protect you and make sure all information reporting is accurate and verifiable. There are several laws that govern credit report to make sure the information is accurate, verifiable and reporting within specific time frames. Many times the requirements are very specific about how a company or bank has to report and the documents they are required to maintain the account.

If the company can’t provide the required information or fails to report the information properly, it has to be removed from your credit report.

When negative information is removed, it will generally increase your credit score. This all starts with knowing what is required to report various types of accounts and requesting the company reporting to provide it. If the company fails to provide the information they will either delete the account or stall.

Often companies send out stall letters to deter or stop you from trying to fix your bad credit and increase your credit score. If this happens, the next letter is a warning to provide the proper information or you will file complaints with state and government agencies. You continue to send correspondence until the company either;

(A) Provides the proper documentation


(B) Deletes the information from your credit file

It’s that simple. As you can see a well devised plan of attack is the key if you want to fix your credit and increase your credit score. Sounds a lot better than just saying something doesn’t belong to you and hoping it falls off, doesn’t it?

Past Credit Problems

If you have past credit problems but are on top things now and are in a good place financially, you are a good fit for credit repair.

If you’re looking for credit help you can trust, you’re in the right place. Our credit blitz  does more in 30 days than most credit repair companies do in several months. Our team of professionals know how to overcome the road blocks and stall tactics often used to slow down or stop your credit repair efforts. You’ll learn exactly how your credit score is calculated so once you achieve good credit, you can keep it!

Before you know it, you’ll be buying your dream home and living the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard for. Being stuck renting and throwing away your hard earned money in high interest rates will soon be a thing of the past.

Step By Step Credit Program Available

If you’d like a step by step program designed to walk you through your credit repair process, you’ll love our Credit Mastery Course. This course is made of over 25 detailed videos and 15 easy to use templates that will take the guesswork out of repairing your credit. The “Credit Mastery Course” will help you do a better job than most credit repair companies at a fraction of the cost. If it sounds like our “Credit Mastery Course”? may be for you, click this link.

Click here to learn about our “Do It Yourself” program.
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