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The Truth About Credit Repair Reviews

The Truth About Credit Repair Reviews

credit repair reviews

Often people go searching for credit repair reviews to find a company they can trust to help them fix bad credit and increase their credit score. I get it, there’s so much mixed information about there about credit repair, how do you know who to trust? So you go online and look for credit repair reviews…

Most of the time a few large national companies pop up with good ratings for the site offering the review. Then you read on that these same companies have over 100 negative reviews. …How can this be?

Often the sites offering credit repair reviews are owned by the credit repair companies with good reviews. Then there are sites that give good ratings to credit repair companies that pay them to “research” their company. Shady to say the least.

So how do you really know who to trust to help you fix your credit?

Do your homework! Here are a couple things to look for:

1) Does the credit repair company have a complete process? Removing inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit report is great, but it’s only half of the process. A complete credit repair process also has a step by step plan for you to rebuild good credit in a manner that will give you the greatest credit score increase possible. Don’t just go out and start financing things at high interest rates to build good credit. Not all accounts have the same impact on your credit score. There is a right way to rebuild good credit.

2) Does the credit repair company limit the number of correspondence sent out on your behalf on a monthly basis? This is my pet peeve!!! Many companies limit the number of correspondence they send out monthly. This approach is designed to slow down your credit repair efforts and bill you longer. The longer it takes them to fix your credit, the more they get to charge you.

This bothers me because when clients come to us for help, many of them are trying to buy a home or refinance high interest loans that are costing them a fortune.

That’s why I created the “Credit Blitz”.

Our “Credit Blitz” addresses every single negative account in question on the first round. Often within 24 hours of receiving your required documents. If you have 10 negative accounts, we will send a letter to each collection agency and creditor reporting the information in addition to all three credit reporting agencies. All of this happens within hours of your enrollment.

Then as you send in your responses, our processing team will have your next round of correspondence sent out within 48 hours. Our “Credit Blitz” is efficient and can drastically reduce the time it takes to reach your credit goals. What we accomplish on the first round could take months for other companies to do.

So now you know what to look for when looking up credit repair reviews.

So why would we work hard to help you reach your goals faster when the result is not being able to bill you as long? REFERRALS. We get a tremendous amount of referrals. Our clients love telling their friends about us. I’m sure you will too.

To learn more about our “Credit Blitz” checkout this video.


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