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Tired of Fly By Night Credit Repair Companies… With No Face. No Real Life Experience… and No Name Standing Behind that Logo?

It’s Easy to Understand WHY Customers RAVE About Our Team and Their Dedication

Discover How Integrity Credit Solutions Became a Reality and Why We Keep Our Doors Open, Year After Year After Year. 

Our goal is to help you reach your credit goals as fast as possible. Because of this, over 90% of our business is word of mouth advertising from loan officers, Real Estate Agents, auto dealers and happy clients. If you need to learn how to fix your credit, you've come to the right place.


You're Not Alone

70% of credit reports have errors, inaccurate, and unverifiable information on them, and you can see that this is a huge problem. We can help you see the bigger picture. 

Credit Repair Made Simple

Aspects can be very complex but we have developed an interactive approach that uses, web based software, telephone calls, emails, and regular mail to make sure our clients know what to expect and what their responsibilities are during the process.

Our Responsibility is You

"Our Credit Blitz" does more in 30 days then most credit repair companies do in several months! Our goal is to help you reach your credit goals as fast as possible. If you need to learn how to fix your credit, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose the Team of Experts the EXPERTS CHOOSE

Clients tell us, "Most credit companies are missing the big picture."

I’ll admit, in the beginning when I started a credit repair business, I didn’t see things as I do now. I had an opportunity for my oldest daughter to come live with me and I needed more flexibility and I needed to be able to make ends meet. Not much noble about that.

A lot has changed over the years. We now set the standard for excellence in our industry and offer the best credit repair services available. We have developed a process that produces results!

Whether you decide to repair your own credit, hire us to do it, partner with us to increase your monthly closings, I truly believe that you’ll find our time together, well worth yours!

It’s Time to Stop Wasting Life, Get Educated, and Have Some Fun!


Eric Rollings


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