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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE Fixing Your Credit

Credit questions

Credit questions3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE Fixing Your Credit

1. Why do you want to fix your credit?

If your “why” isn’t big enough, you probably won’t stick with it. I’d love to tell you that credit repair is easy and that you can have great credit in 60 days. That’s simply not true. Have I ever seen a clients credit file fixed in 60 days? Yes…..BUT it rarely happens. Rarely meaning not often enough for me to make such bold claims.
That’s one of the problems with credit repair companies. Most are so anxious to get the business, they will tell people anything to get them to sign up. That’s a HUGE mistake. Eventually, they have to explain. Besides, most people didn’t expect it to happen that quickly and would prefer to told the truth. The truth is that no one can guarantee an exact time frame. No one knows how the credit reporting agencies, collection agencies or original creditors will respond during the process.
What I can tell you is that our “Credit Blitz” does more in 30 days than most credit repair companies do in several months. Instead of limiting the number of correspondence we send out for you on a monthly basis, we engage every negative account on the first round and continue to follow up until you reach your credit goals.

2. How much effort are you willing to take to achieve your credit goal?

One of the reasons our process is so effective is because it requires very little effort from our clients, BUT it does require effort. Things like:

• Enrolling online
• Reading “Credit Education” emails and watching the videos
• Forwarding your responses on a regular basis
• Keeping credit card balances to a minimum
• Keeping an active credit monitoring account
• Not applying for credit during the process
• Don’t do “extra” things on your own without consulting with our support team

To name a few. Most of this can be accomplished in less than 1 hour per month. Not a lot required, but it still needs to be done for you to get the best results possible from your credit repair efforts.

3. How would you like to solve your credit problem?

This answer is generally related to two things, time and money.
First option – If you have extra time, but not a much extra money, our “Credit Mastery Course” may be the best fit for you. Our course will teach you how to do more in 30 days than most credit repair companies do in several months. A series of over 20 videos and over 15 templates that walk you through your credit repair process step by step. This course teaches you many of the same tactics and strategies we use to help our paying clients.
Second option – Let our team of professionals do the work for you. Our “Credit Blitz’ is detailed and aggressive. Our process has helped many people just like you overcome bad credit and buy their dream home. Our team of professionals knows how to overcome the hurdles and stall tactics often used to slow down or stop your credit repair efforts.

If you have past credit problems but are on top things now and are in a good place financially, you are a good fit for credit repair.

If you’re looking for credit help you can trust, you’re in the right place. Our credit blitz does more in 30 days than most credit repair companies do in several months. Our team of professionals know how to overcome the road blocks and stall tactics often used to slow down or stop your credit repair efforts. You’ll learn exactly how your credit score is calculated so once you achieve good credit, you can keep it!

Before you know it, you’ll be buying your dream home and living the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard for. Being stuck renting and throwing away your hard earned money in high interest rates will soon be a thing of the past.

If you’d like a step by step program designed to walk you through your credit repair process, you’ll love our “Credit Mastery Course”. This course is made of over 25 detailed videos and 15 easy to use templates that will take the guesswork out of repairing your credit. The “Credit Mastery Course” will help you do a better job than most credit repair companies at a fraction of the cost. If it sounds like our “Credit Mastery Course? may be for you, click this link.

If you’d like to talk to us about having our team of professionals help you fix your credit so you can buy your dream home or drastically improve your lifestyle, fill out the form below. Make sure you share this with your friends and co workers on social media I appreciate you helping me spread the word.

Dedicated to your credit success,

Eric Rollings

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