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Archive for January 2013

I Saw Accounts Deleted, Why Did My Credit Scores Drop?

This is a great question! Learning the answer to this and knowing what to look for will help you guarantee your credit success! Let’s say you have had several deletions, you have started getting re established, your scores have increased by over 100 points. Then you check your monitoring service only to find that your…

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To Co-Sign Or Not To Co Sign, That Is The Question!

Not much can strike fear in the heart of a parent like hearing “mom….dad, I want a Mustang that I NEED, will you co-sign for me? Over the past 15 years, I have seen thousands of credit reports. Generally when I met someone that had good credit throughout their report and all of a sudden…

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Understanding Debt Ratios And Establishing / Re Establishing Credit

httpv:// With FICOs explanation of the credit scoring model being a little vague, I decided to give some insight based on my experience over the years. FICO tells us that the credit scoring model is broken down as follows: The biggest portion is 35%, payment history. This is the part that everyone is so concerned…

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