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Reason #1 CREDIT BLITZ ™ is FASTER: You Get Rapid Results, Because We Strategically "Blitz Attack"

Most credit repair companies send a limited number of form letters every month (average, 6) to the "easiest" deletions so you see negatives "trickle" off of your report. CREDIT BLITZ™ is the preferred choice of home lenders, because we work faster, and attack every negative at once. Just not in the way most people think. You see, by addressing every negative on your report immediately with a unique-to-the-circumstances legal letter, (not a time-wasting, form letter), we do more work on your credit report in 30 days than most credit repair agencies do in several months.

100% Legally, Quickly and Effectively

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If you don't see results, we'll refund your money. All this on a monthly payment plan anyone can afford!

Reason #2 CREDIT BLITZ ™ IS FASTER: You Get Around the "Automated CRA Systems" So Credit Reporting Agencies and Creditors STOP and PAY ATTENTION. If you've been frustrated by your results from form letters, or former credit agencies, this is why! Outdated methods used by most credit repair agencies guarantee they get ignored by the credit repair agencies, and even worse, can leave a lasting negative impact on your credit. As you may already know, credit reporting agencies (CRA's) have streamlined, and hired minimum wage workers who are only there to "assign a code" to your credit report. Worse, they've assigned each worker a "quota", meaning they must decide—within seconds—to listen to you, or listen to the creditor on record. More than 10 years of experience getting the credit reporting agencies, and creditors to stand up and pay attention means you get results—instead of "we're ignoring you" style form letter response.

Reason #3 CREDIT BLITZ™ is FASTER: You See More Deletions, Because We Know More About the System: Most credit repair agencies spout information about The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). When your credit and your future hang in the balance, you need more. That's That's why our entire team of experts is well versed in the Real Estate Servicing Procedures Act, HIPPA, the CFPB, how to hold Credit Repair Agencies (CRA's) accountable, and of course, the FCRA and FDCPA, plus everything else that matters, so you get real results from multiple angles—in record time.

Reason #4 CREDIT BLITZ™ is FASTER: We Never Let You Lie…Because Our Ethical Approach is 10X's More Powerful: Never lie by saying an account is not yours, if it is. There are better, easier, far more justifiable ways to increase your score with a process we like to call Legal Inform™. It's far more effective than lying, and as you can tell from our results, far more effective.

Reason #5 CREDIT BLITZ™ is FASTER: You Give Us Incentive to Get Results. Most credit repair companies bill you monthly, and tell you it takes a long time to see results. They even limit the number of letters they send out every month, so they can "trickle" in your results, and insure you pay their phone sales professionals more.

We Save You $1,000's because our fees structure is similar to companies with a "generic" process, but we work 10Xs hard for you. This means you pay less for your overall process and reach your credit goals faster than you would with a "cookie cutter" process.

The Sooner You Start, the
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