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Our "Credit Blitz" Does More In 30 Days Than Most Credit Repair Companies Do In Several Months!

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Our Aggressive/Detailed Approach Produces Results Most Companies Can't!


Set up your consultation

Call or send your information to start your free/no hassle credit strategy session. It’s painless, free, and no obligation. We do NOT have high pressure sales people. You will speak to a consultant.

In fact, many clients say “picking up the phone was the hardest part…from then, you made everything easy!”


We'll tell you what we need

We tell you which simple documents to send in, and then handle all of the legal, and technical details.

BONUS: To guarantee you build credit as quickly as possible, we'll provide you with insider-only steps you can begin taking now, and build credit even faster.

Reach Your Credit Goals

Forward responses to us as you receive them. Start seeing the negative reporting diminish.

You can join our "Client Only" Facebook group to ask questions, learn from the questions of others and connect with other people working toward good credit.  

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Aggressive Approach

Our "Credeit Blitz" does more in 30 days than most credit repair companies do in several months. You will never be treated like "just a number". You work with you as a team to help you reach your credit goals at Integrity Credit Solutions. 

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Our Clients Love Us

We have helped a lot of good people just like you repair their credit and achieve home ownership. Hear what they have to say. Click here to connect with us on Facebook.

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Work As A Team

We work together with you, step by step through the process to help you reach your credit goals.

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Free/No Hassle Credit Strategy Session

"Since using Credit Integrity Solutions, I have been able to purchase a new vehicle at a very desirable rate and receive approval on the purchase of a much larger home that my fiancé and I desperately needed. Within the next few months, she will be joining the Integrity Credit Solutions Family to create an even better Financial Future for us."



"I'm approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $160,000.Thanks Eric!!! I really mean that ....... keep guiding me !!! "

"Thank-you so much Integrity Credit Solutions for all your great help!  After going thru a fall with my finances a few years ago,  following a divorce, my credit score dropped.  The only car I was able to purchase at the time was thru a very high interest auto sales company.  But with Integrity Credit Solutions help and guidance, I recently purchased a new lower interest rate of 4% and am driving my dream car!!! Paid off the existing 14% auto loan! Yeah!!!  I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is serious about cleaning up their credit!  It feels awesome to be on the right track with my finances!"

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