Our “Credit Blitz” Does More In 14 Days Than Most Companies Do In Months!

Don’t settle for some generic credit repair process that was designed to drain your wallet! Many credit repair companies limit the number of correspondence they send on your behalf to 6 per month. Not ICS! Our “Credit Blitz” addresses every negative account on the first round. This includes all 3 credit reporting agencies, collection agencies and original creditors.

We Make Credit Repair Simple!

Our team of professionals know exactly how to fix bad credit. They know which laws apply to different types of debt. They also know how to overcome “road blocks” commonly used to slow down or stop you credit repair efforts.

We can help you fix your credit. Our streamline process produces results other companies simply can’t. If you want to know how to fix your credit, we can help. Our simple, easy to follow system will show you how to fix your credit. We do all of the technical stuff for you.

Credit repair can be confusing and frustrating. We make it simple!

Not all credit repair companies are the same. Click here to learn why our process is different.

Integrity Credit Solutions can help you fix bad credit and get the credit you need so you can live the lifestyle you deserve.
Break free of the “rent trap”. Get better rates on auto loans. Stop throwing your hard earned money away to high interest rates. Learn how to fix your credit today!

Our proven process removes the guess work from repairing your credit and increasing your credit score. Whether your goal is to purchase a home for your family, purchase a newer automobile or qualify for better interest rates, Integrity Credit Solutions can help.

ICS Knows How To Fix Bad Credit

  • Take control of your credit instead of your credit controlling you!
  • Finally find peace of mind through the confidence that you’ll be able to purchase the things you want and need for you and your family!
  • Stop the embarrassment of being turned down for a loan.
  • Stop wasting thousand of dollars paying high interest rates
  • If you’ve been guessing how to fix bad credit, it’s costing you money and taking longer than it should.

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